SJHS Seniors Take Walk Through NFMS

Stonewall Jackson High School Seniors Take a Walk through North Fork Middle School
Posted on 06/02/2016
A Walk to Remember

“That’s me in a couple of years!”  was the excited cry from North Fork Middle School students  as  members of Stonewall Jackson High School’s  Class of 2016 clad in their caps and gowns walked through the NFMS hallways on May 27.

“This was a first that will become a tradition,” said Todd Lynn, Principal of North Fork.   For the seniors, the Senior Walk was a time to remember their middle school years.  For the middle school students, the Senior Walk was a time to imagine high school and their own graduation.     A Walk to Remember Mr. Dorman, Principal at Stonewall Jackson High School, and senior Hannah Fugate  lead the senior walk through the student-lined hallways of North Fork Middle School.  “The walk was actually really fun,” said senior Ali Kahl.  “The kids were genuinely happy for us and the best part was when they gave us high fives.  I hope that they can see me and the other seniors as role models and realize that as long as they keep working hard for a few more  years, they can also achieve their goals for life after high school.”  Ali plans to become a veterinarian.  She has been accepted into VA Tech’s Poultry and Animal Science program and on graduation from VT will enroll in vet school.  

Searching for friends and relatives among the red caps and gowns, middle schoolers applauded and cheered and high-fived  the Seniors, who waved and returned big smiles. “I was happy for the Seniors,” said Kelsey Showman, eighth grader.  “They’ve completed high school and are going on to college or somewhere to reach their goals,” added  Julia Binion, also an eighth grader at North Fork.   Brian Andrews & Josey Lonas Brian Andrews and Josey Lonas, SJHS Seniors, celebrate!