SHS Seniors Give Back to the Community

SHS Seniors Give Back to the Community
Posted on 06/09/2016
SHS Days of Service


When Jeff Rudy sent his seniors an article about students who completed a  week of service for their community, he had no idea of the positive impact that would follow.   

The story sparked an idea for Ashley Yanego,  a senior enrolled in Mr. Rudy’s  AP/DE English course.   “When I read the article,” she said, “I saw an opportunity for SHS Seniors.  I spent less than a week vigorously  planning a Community Service day for seniors at SHS with my English teacher.”  

For Ashley, the logical place to begin was to talk to Brian Spitzer,Town Manager of Strasburg,  to find out what the seniors at Strasburg High School could do to benefit the town. He gave her a list that included work in four areas.   SHS staff members volunteered to supervise each of the work areas. Senior Day of Service Work Areas 

1.  Alsberry Street -- pick-up trash  

Student workers:  Damion Howard-Wolford,  Ryan Heilman; and Miranda Colt.

Supervisor:  Mrs. Lewis, School Librarian


Days of Service Park

2.  Strasburg Park --

plant flowers,  mulch areas and rake gravel especially

Student workers:  Grace Mullins, Alyssa Stover, Noah Figgins, Faith Ritenour, LeeAnn Adams, Courtney Hodges, Emily Alexander, Ben Rodriguez, and Laura Wykoff.

Supervisor:  Miss Carper, History/AP Government teacher7

3.  Main Street--hand-out flowers to the businesses with Thank You notes from the SHS Class of 2016 and plant flowers in flower pots

Student workers:  Ashley Yanego, Miley Hupp, Haley Copeland, Kelsey Jenkins, Rachel Funkhouser, Abie Murphy. Supervisor: Mr. Rudy, English teacher

SHS Senior Service days Front: Rachel Funkhouser Row 2 (L to R): Haley Copeland, Kelsey Jenkins Back Row (L to R): Miley Hupp, Abigail Murphy, Ashley Yanego

4. Mr. Fisher, Agriculture teacher at SHS, suggested that students do some work around the school---mulch, trim shrubs, weed flower beds

Student Workers:  Justin Carr, Austin Schletner, Reese Taylor, Papoose Stead, Isabel Davis, Jacob Ziemer, Brian Scholten, Rashon Alsberry, Adam Gordon, Josh Lockhart, Blake Gibson, and Max Middleton

Supervisor:  Mr. Melish, English teacher

News about the Day of Service spread quickly among the seniors through conversations and social media,  and students began volunteering to help.  There were “no complaints, no negativity, and no problems,” reported Ashley.  “Everyone got the work done together and had a blast.”   

Senior Day of Service

 Day of Service
 Senior Day of Service  Day of Service


Ashley thanked students for “taking advantage of the opportunity to serve your community.” “Senior Service Day has to be taken as a day of service not self-gratification,” she wrote  in her Current Events report.  “Selflessly giving to our community will make others feel great.  I hope that we all continue to serve the community. . . for great change.”  

Jeff Rudy said it well, “The SHS Seniors spent this morning (June 2) doing community service for the town that has given them so much over their school career in Shenandoah County.”

Senior Day of Service First Row (L to R): Ben Rodriguez, Ashley Yanego, Kelsey Jenkins, Abigail Murphy, Haley Copeland, Courtney Hodges Second Row (standing, L to R): Lee Ann Adams, Papoose Stead, Miranda Colt, Rachel Funkhouser, Noah Figgins, Faith Ritenour, Emily Alexander, Alyssa Stover, Ryan Hamilton, Grace Mullins, Laura Wykoff, Brian Scholten, Miley Hupp