Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is the first Wednesday in February of every year.  The purpose of this day is to bring awareness of the power of technology when it comes to student learning.  Here is a link to a website with more information about this event:

Below are links to examples of student work that demonstrate various ways technology can be used to enhance instruction.  Thank you to all the students and teachers that were willing to share this content.  If anyone has questions about the use of technology in our school division, feel free to contact us via email or by calling 540-459-6709.

From Deb Cross's students at Peter Muhlenberg Middle:
Harlem Renaissance Glogster Poster
Hope Video
Project Holocaust

From Jason Monbourne's students at Peter Muhlenberg Middle:
Hurricane Sandy Prezi
Hurricane Sandy Domo Animate

From Carol McFarland's students at Sandy Hook Elementary:
Aphrodite Glog
Hephaestus Glog
I saw a Ghost Glog
Endangered Animals PowerPoint
Oklahoma PowerPoint

From Becky May's students at Peter Muhlenberg Middle:
Germ, Germ PSA
Hoops for Heart PSA

From Christie Long's students at Peter Muhlenberg Middle:
Bridge to Teribithia Glog
Songs for a Journey of Good vs. Evil