Contact Information

Kelly Storey, Federal Programs Coordinator, oversees the Title III program.  She can be contacted at 540-459-6722 or

You may contact any of our ELL Specialists by phone or email.



Phone Number


Stephanie Stell

Northern Campus

Sandy Hook:465-8281

Signal Knob:  465-3422

Strasburg High: 465-5195

Sarah Durham

W.W. Robinson (Kindergarten) and Peter Muhlenberg Middle

Robinson: 459-5155

Peter Muhlenburg:     459-2941

Anna Bartley

W.W. Robinson (Grades 1-2)


Qiang Sun

W. W. Robinson(Grades 3-5)


Rebecca Young

Central High School


Katie Brubaker

North Fork Middle and Stonewall Jackson High School

 North Fork: 

Stonewall Jackson: 477-2732

Karen Phillips

Ashby Lee Elementary (Grades K-2)


Amanda Furman

Ashby Lee Elementary (Grades 3-5)


Our schools are now on Twitter!  You may click the name of the school to follow.

Shenandoah County Public Schools (@ShenCoVASchools)
Dr. Raley, Superintendent (@DrJRaley)
Shenandoah County ELL Specialists (@ShenCoVAELL)

Northern Campus:
Sandy Hook Elementary School (@SandyHook_es)
Signal Knob Middle School (@SignalKnobMS)
Strasburg High School---there is no "official" twitter for SHS, however, various clubs and sports teams have twitter accounts.

Central Campus:
WWRobinson Elementary (@WWRElementary)
Peter Muhlenberg Middle School (@PMMSWoodstock)
Central High School (@FalconsCHS)

Southern Campus:
Ashby Lee Elementary School (@alesbuzzybees)
North Fork Middle School (@NorthForkMS)
Stonewall Jackson High School (@SJHSGenerals)