Seven Triplett Tech Students Advance to Nationals!

Seven Triplett Tech Students Advance to Nationals
Posted on 05/04/2017
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Seven Triplett Tech Students Will Compete in
National SkillsUSA Competition

On April 28 and 29,  sixteen Triplett Tech students participated in the  SkillsUSA State Leadership Conference and Skills Championships.  It was a happy drive home for students and their chaperones with one state officer and seven gold medal winners among the group.  Finishing in first place earned these seven state champions entry into the 53rd annual National SkillsUSA Leadership Conference and Skills Championships, scheduled for June 19 - 23, 2017, in Louisville,  Kentucky. More than 16,000 people-- including students, teachers, and business partners--are expected to participate in this weeklong, national  event.

Triplett Tech Results from the State Conference:


2nd, Silver Medal Justin McIlwee

Carpentry 1st, Gold Medal Zachary Biggs (advances to Nationals)
2017 SkillsUSA Carpentry Zachary Biggs.JPG Zachary Biggs

Commercial Baking

3rd, Bronze Medal Hayley Horton

Culinary Arts 3rd, Bronze Medal Trey Mills

Extemporaneous Speaking (Leadership Skills)

1st, Gold Medal Nick Pabon (advances to Nationals) 2017 SkillsUSA NIck Extemp.jpg Nick Pabon Masonry

1st, Gold Medal Elijah Williams (advances to Nationals)2017 Skills USA Masonry Elijahwith banner.jpg Elijah Williams Promotional Bulletin Board (Leadership Skills) 3rd, Bronze Medals Alexis Silvious and Elijah Rebecca Immanuel

Teamworks -- students from various trades team-up to complete a project| 1st, Gold Medals Cory Pittington, Tyler Plauger, Joey Avvenire, Brandon Jenkins

                                  (advance to Nationals)

2017 SkillsUSA Teamwork guys inside project use.jpg From left:  Joey Avvenire (electrician), Cory Pittington (carpenter), Tyler Plauger (carpentry student working as plumber), and Brandon Jenkins (mason)

2017 SkillsUSA teamwork line all.JPG From left:  Dagan Stephens (Electricity teacher), Joey Avvenire, Tyler Plauger, Cory Pittington, Brandon Jenkins, Phil Crisman (Carpentry teacher), and Gary Kibler (Masonry teacher)

State Officer

Nick Pabon, a junior at Stonewall Jackson High School and Triplett Tech, was elected by delegate vote to be a Virginia State SkillsUSA officer.  On Saturday, all 26 candidates for state office had the opportunity to give a speech. Nick asked SkillsUSA members:   “Where do you see SkillsUSA in the future?”  He emphasized that while the organization has officers, all members are  equal.  “It’s not just about me,” he said.  “It’s about how I can help other members.”    Following the speeches, the candidates campaigned for office as they stood with their tri-fold displays and talked to delegates from across the Commonwealth.  Following the campaign phase, delegates placed their votes.   The top ten vote-getters were named state officers.  Nick Pabon was among the top ten. Specific offices for these ten winners will be determined this summer.  

2017 SkillsUSA Nick.jpg Nick Pabon (far left) is introduced as a state SkillsUSA 2017-18 officer.

“I am very proud of all of our students,” said Connie Pangle, principal of Triplett Tech. “They were prepared for their events and did their best.  And, we had a great time.”    Group members had to travel to Fredericksburg in different vehicles, Ms. Pangle explained, because some of the students’ events were at venues miles away.     But, everyone stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn adjacent to the conference center in Fredericksburg and, prior to heading out for a big day on Saturday, students and chaperones  enjoyed an early morning breakfast of sausage,  pancakes, fruits, and juice, which  Mr. Stephens had  prepared on the hotel’s patio.   “It was very thoughtful of Mr. Stephens to cook for us,” said Ms. Pangle.H  e said “no” to the students paying $11.95 for breakfast at the hotel and to the idea of PopTarts for breakfast.   He wanted our students to have a good breakfast before for their competitions, said Ms. Pangle.    

Triplett’s focus is now on the National Leadership Conference. Students will continue to practice their skills and, also, they will begin fundraising activities to pay for the trip.   Because of limited budget resources, Shenandoah County Public Schools is not able to fund participation in these co-curricular events and must rely on fundraising, even when students qualify to compete on the national level.

Congratulations, Triplett Tech SkillsUSA State Competitors!
Wishing you the Best at Nationals!

2017 SkillsUSA TT competitors.jpg Front row (kneeling):  Tyler Plauger, Joey Avvenire, Brandon J0enkins, Elijah Williams, Zachary Biggs. Rows 2 & 3 blend (from left to right) Nick Pabon (standing), Corey Pittington, Isaiah Saluck (white shirt), Hayley Horton (white shirt), Justin McIlwee,  Trey Mills, (behind Justin), Alexis Silvious, Garrett Morton (behind Alexis), Brandon Trump, Elijah Rebekah Immanuel, Tyler Baker