Moore Grant Recipients (2013) Honored at Banquet

Shenandoah County Public Schools has announced the recipients of grants for 2013 from the Moore Educational Trust.   This year’s grants will fund projects supportive of subjects across the curriculum and will benefit students and staff from all levels. Eleven grants have been awarded this year totaling $104,811.55.

When she died in 2002, Helen Moore, a resident of Strasburg, Virginia, left her estate, which was valued at over 3 million dollars, to benefit the students of Shenandoah County Public Schools.   Each year, interest from the trust is awarded to teachers and teacher groups for special projects.  

There are two categories of Moore Grants.    The Moore Educational Trust Instructional Grant funds classroom projects, summer learning camps, visiting artists and scholars and after school enrichment programs.  The Moore Educational Trust Professional Development Grant funds teacher travel, teacher study, book studies, and enrichment workshops and seminars

This year's recipients were honored at a banquet held at Triplett Tech on February 27, 2013.

Project Prismm   Stonewall Jackson High School

Project PRISMM: Probing Relationships through Informed Scientific Modeling and Measurement – Dave Sherwood and Mark Johnston

 Funded for $25,000.00. 

  • Project PRISMM: Probing Relationships through Informed Scientific Modeling and Measurement
    This grant proposal requested the purchase of equipment through Project PRISMM.  Project PRISMM helps to provide state-of-the-art science laboratories in all science disciplines – Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Space Science, and Biology.  The laboratories include the use of computer probeware for real-time data collection and analysis to facilitate student-created laboratory investigations and analyses.  In addition to the student self-initiated and designed investigations, the probeware devices will further advance student understanding of teacher-created laboratory investigations.  Real-world and real-time data collection along with the capability for modeling and simulation is a powerful combination to enhance learning in Science.  The ability for students to conduct field studies of their own design and compete for local, national, and international recognition are feats made possible through this grant.  


 ough Technology Central High School 

Student Growth and Engagement Through Technology – Elizabeth Chance, Casey Morris, and Susan Sanderlin.

Funded for $7,659.95.


  • Student Growth and Engagement Through Technology
    This grant supports the purchase of  iPads for students with disabilities.  The use of technology and the wide variety of applications offered by the iPad unlock the potential of our students by building confidence that would supplement the instruction from core classes and resource/self-contained special education classes.  Students would have a multitude of learning applications available to them to help increase their understanding and retention of difficult concepts and engage them in their own learning.  Utilizing the technological tools offered by an iPad would greatly enhance learning for students with disabilities and would assist them in maintaining a timely course for graduation.  iPad use would also present applicable, real-world experiences to help prepare some of the students for independent living and job skills.

iPads for Preschoolers  Shenandoah County Public Schools

iPads for Preschoolers – Amy Bauserman – Itinerant Preschool Teacher

Funded for $469.00.


  • iPads for PreSchoolers
    To assist in the education and development of preschool students, this grant will allow for the purchase of an iPad for the itinerant preschool teacher to utilize with the preschool students receiving community-based or home-based services.  An iPad will allow for the use of a variety of apps which will provide practice with speech skills, phonological/literacy skills, math skills, and socials skills.

APPS in the Math Classroom  Central High School

APPS in the Math Classroom – Katherine Mann

Funded for $16,989.87

  • Apps in the Math Classroom
    Teachers at Central High School  proposed the purchase of iPad minis for use in all math classes.  In a survey conducted at Central High School, 60% of the students reported to “never” or “infrequently” having the opportunity to use technology in math class.  The iPad minis will provide a wonderful resource to make several mathematical apps available for all math students to use.  The iPad minis would allow for the high school teachers to provide station activities and allow for individual student practice.  Students will be able to conduct research for hands-on projects and create blogs or blog posts.  iPads will also be used for students to tutor other students and for teachers to provide remediation after school.

 Probing Science


Signal Knob Middle School

Probing Science ~ Middle School Science Through Inquiry – Jacquline Weitman and Carrie Streett

Funded for $6,523.17.





  • Probing Science ~ Middle School Science Through Inquiry
    Teachers at Signal Knob Middle School have proposed a project which promotes science learning through a model that encourages scientific inquiry with the use of different probes.  Scientific labs and equipment would be set up for small groups, teacher demonstration, or individualized learning.  The forty-nine labs encompass Earth, Life, and Physical Science. An after-school inquiry-based scientist group will meet to involve community members, encourage life-long scientific learning and questioning, and encourage students to seek science careers by facilitating the growth of students’ scientific base through partnership with the “Friends of the North Fork” group and parental involvement. 

Above and Beyond with Acid-Based Titrations  Strasburg High School

Above and Beyond SOLs with Acid Based
Titrations--Chris Geogarakis

Funded for $4329.56
Above and Beyond SOLs with Acid Based Titrations
This project will provide Strasburg High School students the opportunity to strengthen their laboratory techniques by having the knowledge of inquiry-based labs such as the technique of titration.  Real-world applications of acid-base titrations are determining the acidity of fruit juice, Vitamin C in juice, and analysis of sewage.  Inquiry-based labs prepare high school students for the current job market.  The students at Strasburg will conduct two different titration experiments.  One includes calculating the amount of stomach acid neutralized by different sources and determining the pH of rainwater to study the effect on soil.

 Kat Staton  Shenandoah County Public Schools

‘Blooming’ Critical Thinkers – Kat Staton – SCPS Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

Funded for $897.00

  • ‘Blooming’ Critical Thinkers     
    Benjamin Bloom stated, “A solid foundation of terms, facts, theories and skills is the educational base that will allow the mind to evaluate information effectively and inspire innovation.”  Due to hearing loss, some of our students have gaps in their foundation.  This grant proposes to use an iPad, Apps, and Bloom’s updated taxonomy to help fill in the gaps.  iPads inspire creativity and hands-on experiences on a device that students really want to use and take learning to a whole new level. 


 Learning with Buzzy Ashby-Lee Elementary School

Learning with Buzzy – Front: Susan Tusing.  From Left, Barbie Kipps, Melisa Thomas, Jessica Bowman, Debbie Kipps (red), and Kim Dorman.

Funded for $7,345.00.

  • Learning with Buzzy
    Learning with Buzzy is a project designed to increase home involvement in the kindergarten curriculum.  Teachers will create “learning backpacks” designed around a high interest topic which will extend the kindergarten curriculum.  Each backpack will contain books, props, and learning activities that the child can take home to learn with his/her family.  The grant will allow the teachers to purchase and fill sixty backpacks on various topics.  Backpacks will be rotated throughout the year and students will have the opportunity to take home at least fifteen backpacks throughout the year.  

Imagination   Shenandoah County Public Schools

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – From left:  Susan Tusing, Ashby Lee Elementary School and Dana Conlan, WWR Elementary School

Funded for $20,000.00

  • Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
    In order to be successful in kindergarten, children need to be exposed to rich literature and have opportunities to develop oral language from the time they are born until they enter kindergarten.  The Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library gives children the chance to have early literacy opportunities.  An organizational structure, including the non-profit affiliates of the Shenandoah Education Foundation and Smart Beginnings, has been developed.   Through this structure and the Imagination Library program, children living in Shenandoah County will receive a book every month from ages 0-5.  Studies show that children who live in print-rich environments and who are read to during the first years of life are much more likely to learn to read on schedule.  A wonderful benefit for the students entering kindergarten in Shenandoah County.

Life Skills Field Trips  Sandy Hook Elementary School

Life Skills Field Trips – Km Ketterman, Becky Davis, Billie Earles and Desarae D'Amadeo 

Funded for $598.00.

  • Life Skills Field Trips
    Through this grant proposal, students with Autism will be exposed to different social and life skills that will be covered in a field trip each month.  The field trips will allow the students to practice their skills in a real-world setting and provide them with a foundational knowledge of specific life skills to build upon while in middle and high school.  In order to prepare the students to be competent members of the community, students of autism need the practice of successfully navigating through various day-to-day interactions and gaining a repertoire of vital life skills.

 T.E.A.M. Elementary Shenandoah County Public Schools

T.E.A.M. Elementary – Sherry Arey, Melissa Foltz, and Steve Povlish

Funded for $15,000

  • T.E.A.M. Elementary
    Through this grant, the Elementary principals are proposing a division-wide elementary level book group.  The book group would focus on Explicit Instruction by Anita Archer.  Every elementary teacher would receive a copy of the book.  Division-wide discussion would occur through blogs and T.E.A.M. Time.  In addition to reading the book, visits by Anita Archer would be scheduled.  Ms. Archer would work in a large and small group context as well as individually with teachers.  The division-wide book group and visits by Anita Archer will provide teachers across the division with an opportunity to expand their teaching repertoire, in turn, advancing the learning and achievement of all students.  Collaboration between all staff at the elementary level has been a focus the last two school years.  The effort to work on a division-wide project will promote this further.