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Dr. Mark A. Johnston

Dr. Mark A. Johnston

I am honored to serve Shenandoah County as your Superintendent and pledge to continue to support the journey to excellence that is well underway.

While this is a time of transition for Shenandoah County Public Schools, it is important to note that the planning that is in place will serve as a guide for continuous improvement. While the School Board will be engaging in updating and revising its goals this summer in response to accomplishments that have been made, the existing School Board planning will continue to serve as a basic roadmap for Shenandoah County Public Schools. Put differently, our areas of work and effort should not come as a surprise to anyone. My previous experience with the School Division should help make the transition period a smooth one.

Preparing our students today for emerging jobs and careers in a quickly changing world is a daunting task. But it is also very exciting to see our students soar as we all dedicate ourselves to providing experiences that support them. Our hard-working and dedicated employees strive each and every day to help our students in making Shenandoah County a 21st Century learning community. Our staff continually reflects upon its efforts and adapts in ways that have allowed us to achieve great success. From my early career as a science teacher, one of my proudest accomplishments was, in just two years, doubling the number of students who took and successfully completed physics. This accomplishment was possible because I was able to change and adapt my teaching and create opportunities for students that did not previously exist, while at the same time maintaining high standards and ensuring learning outcomes. This approach has guided my entire professional career and in all areas of the school division. We need, at times to think differently and creatively in order to foster success.

In leading Shenandoah County Public Schools during this time of transition, it is my intention to actively engage students, staff, parents, community members, and business partners in our efforts. I strive for openness, transparency, reflection, data and feedback for informed decision making. It is my firm belief that a lead indicator of the success of any school division is the extent to which the School Board and Superintendent publicly demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively together to develop both a shared vision and goals. I pledge to work closely with the School Board in this regard.

It is an honor and a privilege to assume the responsibilities of Superintendent. I look forward to serving the community to the best of my abilities.  

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