Dr. Jeremy Raley 
 Dr. Jeremy J. Raley

I am excited about the opportunity to serve Shenandoah County as your Superintendent.
As Superintendent, I am looking forward to working in partnership with the School Board as we build academic opportunities that promote student achievement and allow our students to become successful members of a global economy.  Through transparent and effective communication, all members of our community will be able to have a greater understanding and can help to support
the efforts that are taking place in our school division.  Together, we will work to attract the most talented staff to teach and support our children and will strive to continually develop their professional skills.  All of this will be accomplished by being purposeful and strategic as we align our resources to support our school division’s core mission.

Our school division has been recently recognized as a leader in the Commonwealth of Virginia as measured by both state and Federal academic standards.  All of our school division’s successes are a direct result of the talent and hard work of each and every employee who strives to ensure that ALL of our students are provided the opportunity to achieve academic success.   I am humbled by the privilege to work with our caring, talented and professional employees.  It is indeed an honor to have the opportunity to serve our community as we all work together to provide the best educational opportunities that we can for Shenandoah County’s students.

I look forward to the future work of our school division as we engage in a partnership with our community to prepare ALL students for a future of lifelong learning.  Our division’s current kindergarten students will walk across the high school stage to receive their diploma in 2026 and will enter a world of work or post-secondary education that will be much different than it is today.  We are preparing our students today for jobs and technologies that do not yet exist.  It is our responsibility  to ensure that we are giving our students the skills that they will need to be able to communicate and collaborate with others as they work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams to take on and solve the world’s challenges.  We want our students to be creative, innovative, inventive, and to look at problems in new and creative ways as they apply what they have learned in multiple subjects and disciplines.  These skills will allow our students to achieve success in any environment long after they leave our three high schools.

I am excited about the possibilities that exist for our school division both now and in the future. Endless opportunities await us as we all work together for the mutual benefit of our community’s children in building and sustaining a world-class school system.  

Superintendent's Annual Report