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Dr. Mark A. Johnston
Division Superintendent

Dr. Mark A. Johnston

It is an exciting time for public education in Shenandoah County. I am so honored to serve as your Superintendent. As we eagerly anticipate a new school year, we celebrate so many successes. Our students continue to excel in academic, visual and performing arts, career and technical fields, and athletics. In poring over the accomplishments that will be featured in our annual Superintendent’s Report to the Community later this fall, recapping all of our many accomplishments last year, it is truly overwhelming! This is a tribute to our students and staff and their dedication and hard work on behalf of creating a vibrant community we value calling home.

Among areas of eager anticipation for the coming year are the following:Empower 2024

  • With over a year of study and stakeholder feedback, we launch a new strategic plan titled EMPOWER 2024! which sets our direction for the coming six years through the following priorities:

    • Priority A: Every student and staff member contributes to a culture of respect and positive relationships.

    • Priority B: Students are empowered and equipped to develop their passion for learning.

    • Priority C: SCPS engages with parents and community partners to enable students to be emotionally ready to access their learning.

    • Priority D: SCPS provides a positive and engaging environment so that staff feels valued, empowered and supported.

    • Priority E: SCPS facilities and learning environments are current, adaptable, flexible, and support collaboration, creativity, rigor and authentic learning.

  • New Virginia Accreditation requirements, known as the Virginia Profile of a Graduate, which include new graduation requirements for this year’s Freshman Class bring a spotlight to career preparation of our students. In meeting the new requirements, our efforts will help students decide, whether going directly from high school to college, the workforce, or anything in between, what careers and work experiences.

  • An expansion of services and professional development responsive to social-emotional learning (SEL) and trauma-informed care, which will provide students and staff strategies for managing the substantial increase in manifestations of these experiences to stem disciplinary infractions.

  • Creating a systemic implementation of the five C’s (creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and civics) stressed in the Virginia Profile of a Graduate and accompanying performance assessments that provide evidence of student learning that goes well beyond traditional tests.

In carrying out our mission and priorities, I commit to continuing to actively engage students, staff, parents, community members, and business partners in our efforts. I will continue to strive for openness, transparency, reflection, data, and feedback for informed decision making.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as Superintendent. I look forward to continued service to the community to the best of my abilities.

Superintendent's Annual Report

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