Staff Members
Student Support Services Department

The goal of the Student Services Department is to identify, monitor, and coordinate services to students, parents, and school personnel that will provide a foundation and/or pathway for student success. Contact the department if you have questions regarding the following:

Rebecca Cooper - Nurse Coordinator - Coordinates services related to the nursing staff and is a liaison between community agencies and the schools with matters related to student health. Contact information: 540-459-5155 ex.5412

Amanda Kibler – Court and Community Liaison – Coordinates services regarding compulsory attendance, community service providers, and juvenile issues that come before the court. Contact information: 540-459-6328.

Deborah Litten – Supervisor – Coordinates services regarding the following: Student Health, Homebound Instruction, Home school Instruction, Religious Exemption, Homeless Liaison, Foster Care Liaison, Records Management, and School Safety. Contact information: 540-459- 6750.