Moore Grants 2015 Announced

Sixteen Grants Totaling $115,762.00 Awarded
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Shenandoah County Public Schools has announced the recipients of grants for 2015 from the Moore Educational Trust.   This year’s grants will fund projects supportive of subjects across the curriculum and will benefit students and staff from all levels. Sixteen grants have been awarded this year totaling $115,762.00.

 When she died in 2002, Helen Moore, a resident oHelen Mooref Strasburg, Virginia, left her estate, which was valued at over three million dollars, to benefit the students of Shenandoah County Public Schools.   Each year, interest from the trust is awarded to teachers and teacher groups for special projects. 

 There are two categories of Moore Grants.    The Moore Educational Trust Instructional Grant funds classroom projects, learning labs, and enrichment programs.  The Moore Educational Trust Professional Development Grant funds teacher travel, teacher study, enrichment workshops and seminars.
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Projects funded for 2015:


Ashby Lee Elementary School

 Sherri Fainter  Outdoor STREAM Environment 
Sherri Fainter & Cassandra Randolph

 This grant will provide opportunities for children to engage in enriching, open-ended, play-based experiences, which encourage exploration, communication, and collaborative problem solving to serve as a springboard for successful productive citizens in the community.   This K-5 environment will include Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), Literacy, Dramatic Play, Art, Physical Activity/Sensory Experiences, and Social Interaction Skills.
  Partially funded for $8,447.97                                 

Kat Staton  Cool Coding for Kids
Kat Staton

This grant allows students to extend their learning in computer coding. The items requested through this grant will bring what students have been learning on a computer screen to real-life.  Through this hands on approach, students will be able to problem solve and use critical thinking skills in a variety of different ways.     
Fully funded for $1,406.78.

Robin Orndorff  S.T.R.E.A.M. Engineering Lab-Let the Ideas Flow! 
Robin Orndorff

This grant will assist in the purchase of supplies and materials for Ashby Lee Elementary School’s STREAM Engineering Lab.  This lab is a resource center for all teachers and students to complete projects or check out materials for activities to be completed in their classroom.  The addition of materials requested through this grant will expose students to the integration of science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and cross-curricular concepts.  The lab will be transformed into a true Maker Space area where students of all ages can tinker and learn.   Fully funded for $6,750.00.  

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Denise Orndorff  Littlebits for Little Makers 
Carol McFarland, Denise Orndorff

This grant will purchase LittleBits
electronic modules.  LittleBits provides versatility as an adaptable modular tool to complement Maker Spaces, classrooms, encouraging exploration, tinkering, and innovation of student design.  LittleBits promote hands-on learning by providing in-depth understanding of concepts with application for authentic, real-life scenarios.  Students will be able to create and modify circuits as well as use other materials to create an infinite number of projects.  Fully funded for $3,995.00 

North Fork Middle School

Melanie Woods  “Healthy Bodies, Fit Minds”: Infusing Movement Into Language Arts Classrooms
Melanie Woods, Tracy Phillips, Tina Hartwig, Sara Voigt

This grant focuses on physical activity as an important component in the classroom for learning.  One language arts classroom at each grade level will be transformed from the traditional classroom with chairs and desks (lined up in a row) to a kinesthetic classroom complete with physical activity equipment that will allow for movement while learning.   Fully funded for $9,740.26. 

Peter Muhlenberg Middle School


Liza Coffman  Engineer Design Process for Science Teachers-Lesson Design Engineering Process
Elizabeth Coffman

This professional development grant will provide a high-quality, ongoing, and content-specific experience that follows the Engineering Design Process for science teachers.  This grant supports a direct, expertly-facilitated experience by Page Kelley for all the science teachers in the middle school and has the potential to impact over 109,000 science lesson experiences.  Fully funded for $10,120.00. 

Signal Knob Middle School

Mary Beth Sharp
Summer Reading RAMpage
Mary Beth Sharp, DiaLinn McCarter, Jackie Weitman

This grant provides resources to reduce the summer reading setback of Signal Knob Middle School students performing below grade level. This project would provide participating students with self-selected books and weekly home reading support.  Fully funded for $4,164.00. 

Chris Cook  SKMS Think Forward PBL
Christopher Cook

This professional development grant aims to create a foundation of Project-Based Learning (PBL) training needed to continue the transformation of SKMS.   Ten faculty members will receive PBL training at Manor New Tech High School in Manor, Texas and serve as PBL trainers at SKMS.
Fully funded for $25,035.00.

Central High School

Heather Walters
Globally Connected Language Acquisition: Building Skills for Competing in the Global Market 
Heather Walters, Ashley Kave, Patricia Hiroux, Amber Corbitt

This grant will be used in the creation of a classroom environment characterized by authentic learning experiences which focus on enhancing the student’s fluency in a foreign language.  By focusing on the 5 C’s of Language Learning (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Connections), a move towards a digitally connected classroom to the four corners of the world provides an opportunity to apply and use what is being learned to real-life experiences. Partially funded for $8,503.00.


Missy Hensley  Transitioning into Fitness for Life 
Melissa Hensley, Teresa Martilik, Adam Hockman, Jennifer Burner

Over an 18-week period, this grant will provide opportunities for the CHS post-graduate program student body to develop the skills and knowledge necessary in fostering lifelong fitness. An in-classroom fitness area with equipment and activities for students will be created. Students will independently participate as part of their daily classroom routines.  Fully funded for $2,884.00. 


Tara Mason  High Impact Instruction Great Teaching Institute & Instructional Coaching Institute: Coaching for a better future: Teachers Leading Teachers to Improved Instruction and Student Learning 
Tara Mason

This professional development grant will allow educators to attend the High Impact Instruction Great Teaching Institute and the Instructional Coaching Institute in Lawrence, Kansas.  Training received during this professional development will expand back to the school in an instructional coaching role.  The instructional coaches will assist teachers in using best instructional practices. Partially funded for $7,061.00.

Stonewall Jackson High School

SJHS  SCPS High School Jazz Band
Robert Curry, Sarah Golden, Matthew Mrosko

This grant proposal will provide an opportunity for students at Stonewall Jackson High, Central High School, and Strasburg High School to form a larger jazz ensemble allowing the students to study, prepare, and perform a different kind of music.  Students who have expressed interest in playing jazz will learn different modes and scales used specifically in jazz.  Fully funded for $1,705.00

William Simmons  Game-Based Learning in Mathematics
William Simmons

This grant proposal focuses on “flipping” the classroom into one that utilizes game based learning as a supplement to the daily instruction while providing technology to fully implement STEM based activities in the classroom.  Game based instruction enhances and strengthens the curriculum by engaging students in technology rich lessons for their post high-school tasks.  These tasks are foundational for college, military, and the work force.
Fully funded for $5,000.00. 

Strasburg High School


Jennifer Mason  Integrating Agriculture and Physics in the 21st Century Career Skills
Brian Fisher, Matt Britton, Jennifer Mason

This grant will allow students to use a computer numerical controlled machine for projects.  This is the same technology that is currently used in local manufacturing facilities, metal fabrication shops, and machine shops.  The use of this machine for instructional purposes will help bridge the gap between a skilled worker and a skilled graduate. Graduates will be capable of using computer aided equipment in addition to performing a skill or trade. 
Fully funded for $12,249.99

Ashby Lee Elementary School/W.W. Robinson Elementary School/Sandy Hook Elementary School

B.J.Goodier  Books By Mail Reading Program
Beverly Goodier, Beth Dirting, Irene Shockey, Becky Reynolds, Lydia DiNardo, Jamie Woodall, Nicole Haymore, Carolyn Brittingham, Connie Fravel, Phyllis Umberger, Pam Clem, Pam Hawkins, Kim Balderson

This grant will be used to address the summer reading loss of second grade students.  Over the course of the summer, select students will be mailed five books. They will engage in reading, authentic writing/correspondence with their Reading Specialist, interaction with parents, and build a home library consisting of a variety of literature. Fully funded for $6,200.00.

Central High School/Peter Muhlenberg Middle School/W.W. Robinson Elementary School


Kate  Hollenberg  STEM Keva Planks Collaboration
Kate Hollenberg, Melissa Dodge, Kathryn Creasy, Katie Rice

This grant will allow teachers to utilize Keva Planks to implement STEM activities into their lesson plans.  An elementary, middle, and high school math teacher will collaborate in teaching multiple concepts which will engage all students in hands-on activities and differentiate among students based on the students’ need.    Fully funded for $2,500.00. 

Benefactor-Helen Moore

Helen Moore, born December 3, 1908, was one of four daughters and one son in rural Cherokee County, Kansas. Despite the absence of local educational opportunities, and reflective of their high regard for education, her parents boarded the children in a house in town so they could attend school during the week. As a result of the parents’ efforts and dedication for the education of their children, all of the five siblings graduated from high school which, during that era, was an accomplishment worthy of praise and attention.

Helen continued her education after high school and received business training which lead her to join the Federal Government where she remained in administration for 30 years, the majority of which was at the Central Intelligence Agency. She was regarded as an extremely intelligent person who was interested in local, national and international issues.

Throughout Helen’s life she loved the land and returned to her agricultural roots frequently. During their married life, Helen and Willis Moore owned farms first in Loudoun, then Frederick, and lastly Shenandoah Counties.

At the time of her death on May 19, 2002, Helen was a long-time resident of Shenandoah County and the town of Strasburg.

Helen Moore highly valued education and the inherent personal benefit a quality education can offer an individual. Her legacy, in this regard, will now and forever be honored through the Moore Educational Trust.