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Teacher of the Year

Jennifer Cook

2019 Teacher of the Year

Special Education Teacher

Strasburg High School


Strasburg Principal Melissa Foltz says, “There are many words that come to my mind when I think of Ms. Cook as a teacher:  accountability, high expectations, real, knowledgeable, and nurturer. The students on Ms. Cook’s caseload have identified disabilities, ones that often have a negative impact on learning and ones that make success in a classroom more difficult. What has always impressed me about Ms. Cook is her ability to hold her students’ accountable and instill a drive in them. Her students develop a positive work ethic and a profound sense of confidence inside and outside of the classroom. She pushes her students to be accountable for their learning and their actions while providing each of them the support and love they need along the way.”  Co-teacher Tammy Cooper observes, “Jennifer goes above and beyond to make sure all of her students are cared for and supported both academically and socially. Not only is Jennifer a mentor for her students, but her colleagues also come to her for support and leadership. For Jennifer, how her students grow and become better prepared for the future is paramount. When her students leave Strasburg High School, they will be self-reliant, accountable, and ready to tackle the world.” Again, Principal Foltz:  “It is an honor to work with Ms. Cook. I value the opportunities I have to learn from her and to learn with her as a colleague who always focuses on students and what is best for each of them.”

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