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Teacher of the Year


Dagan Stephens
2020 Teacher of the Year
Electrician Teacher
Triplett Tech

Triplett Tech Principal Connie Pangle notes that in addition to being licensed and well qualified in his technical area of expertise—electricity—Mr. Stephens is also a formally trained educator, and that combination is a big plus:  “Mr. Stephens has a passion for teaching and shifts that excitement for the electrical profession onto his students. Mr. Stephens constantly strives to plan and implement authentic learning activities for his students. He always has something new and exciting occurring in his classroom that enhances his instruction.” Triplett’s Career Counseling Coach Crystal Lynn applauds Dagan’s work to “prepare his students to enter the workforce” and adds that “Mr. Stephens is also great at helping students be prepared and win at the district, state, and national level for SkillsUSA.” “Moreover,” Ms. Lynn continues, “Mr. Stephens is a mentor to his colleagues. He can frequently be found helping other teachers think through situations and is a calming force within the building. Through the night program, Mr. Stephens assists adults and former Triplett Tech alumni further their electrical education. As a Triplett Tech alumnus himself, he sees the value of the career education that Triplett Tech provides.” Student Henry Wakeman writes, “Dagan has shown his students that through hard work and determination, living a comfortable life is achievable [as an electrician]. He does not shame college; in fact, he encourages it [if it’s a good fit], but he shows there’s no reason to leave high school without a job.” Again, Principal Pangle, “Mr. Stephens is a true leader in the building. He is the go-to person for his students, his co-workers, and the division.”

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